Thirdle is the new twist of Wordle with a hint of Scrabble and Sudoku.

Thirdle gameplay

Thirdle is a word game where you have to guess three five letter words in a crossword fashion. You begin with two correct starting letters and after each guess you receive colored feedback which helps you understand how far from the correct words you have guessed.

Thirdle game

Play Thirdle together

Every day you get a new Thirdle to solve. Everyone gets the same puzzle so you can compete against your friends. Your results are easily sharable without spoiling the correct answer.

Train your brain daily

20 minutes a day of mental stimulation like playing word games and solving logic puzzles is said to help preventing dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Hard mode

For the hardcore word puzzler there is a hard mode where you must use all the hint letters that you found in prevoius guesses. This mode can acctually make the game a bit easier because it prevents you to forget letters that you need to play.

Dark mode

For the night player there is a dark mode with a black color palette that makes it easier to play the game in a dark room.

High contrast mode

You can also activate a high contrast mode with an alternative color palette that makes it easier to seperate the different colors in the game.

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