Wordle is a popular word game made by Josh Wardle and later bought by the New York Times.

Wordle gameplay

In Wordle the goal is to guess the daily five letter word in six tries. After your guess you receive colored feedback so you can understand how far from the correct answer you are. Green indicates a letter in the correct position. Yellow shows that the letter should be included in the correct word but are at the wrong spot. Black letter are not in any place.

wordle example

Playing together

The daily Wordle is the same for everyone, so you can compete with your friends and other players on social medias. One thing that made Wordle so successful is its special share method, that makes it possible to share your results without spoiling the correct answer. You share only the feedback colors from your guesses with emoji tiles.

Other Wordle like word games

Wordle's success and viral popularity has inspired the creation of a lot of worldle like word game clones and other puzzle games sharing little or much from the original game.

Thirdle and Wordle

Thirdle is inspired by Wordle and shares a few similar mechanics, like a feedback system and the possibility to share your result without spoiling the daily correct word for other players.

Other word games and logic puzzles

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